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  • Service Oriented Architecture

    SOA design provides enterprises with agility to integrate their mission critical legacy systems with minimal impacts on their best practice.

  • Cloud-based Operation

    Enterprise can scale up their operation with full utilization of updated technology like distributed computing, application server clustering, database server clustering etc.

  • Zero .net Component

    Cloud@Work does not adopt any .NET component in its core platform.

    Deployment on non-Microsoft platform is no more a concern for Cloud@Work.

  • Work on Private and Public Clouds

    Multiable fully understands that needs of a SME will differ from those of established enterprises.

    So Multiable offers Cloud@Work both in the mode of SaaS* and on-premise.

  • Multi-lingual Interface

    Cloud@Work comes with built-in English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese interfaces.

    End-users, without any program coding, can turn Cloud@Work interface into any desired language.

  • Cloud@Work Community

    Stay updated with Cloud@Work including relevant news and upcoming events.

    Access product documentation and other relevant information.