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Business Process

What is Business Process Management?

Multiable BPM adopts open standards like BPMN and service-oriented-architecture (SOA) approach. Integration with third party systems (AX, Oracle, Peoplesoft, SAP etc.) will just be as easy as development within a single brand system.

Technical Features:

  • Auto data link when master files are involved
  • Cloud-based
  • Event-driven workflow engine.
  • Ready-made APIs for third party software to call the approval status of a workflow (Cloud Connectors required)
  • Ready-made APIs for third party software to trigger / update /delete a workflow
  • SOA design
  • Support Chrome / Firefox / IE
  • Support EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) in workflow nodes (Cloud Connectors required)
  • Support multiple data source in one single workflow
  • Unicode-based: support all kinds of languages
  • User-defined record browsing interface

Functional Features:

Workflow Engine

Form Wizard

Organization Chart